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'superman' Crystal Memory Will Change Data Storage Forever.


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Glass [well, crystal. It's created from silica to make quartz] storage medium has utilized '5D' memory storage that can potentially outlast humanity without data loss.


It will store several hundred TB of memory in a very small space, potentially basically unlimited storage. Read rates are much faster than other storage media as well. It can store data for millions of years, can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 C, and is set to pretty much change the way data storage works and revolutionize electronic devices forever.


It's an exciting time for electronics. This along with the 'lightsaber' technology could potentially increase computing speeds and data storage by millions of times what is currently possible today.


As exciting as this is for science and other serious applications, it's also pretty cool to know that video games that look completely real and exist with a worldspace that could be the entire planet to scale are probably not as far off as you might think.


It's probably going to be a few years before we see this and the 'lightsaber' molecules in consumer electronics, but this could indeed change the world in dramatic ways.

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