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Hypocrisy Made Easy


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Oh this is just TOO rich!


I'm married to a CINO (Christian In Name Only) wife. She attends church sporadically, and since today is X-mas, of course she manages to drag her hips out of bed to "worship". I ingnore her and say nothing.


Next, my children, twin 14-year old boys, trundle after her. Again, I say nothing. I do note, for the record, that one of my sons has NOT combed his hair. (This is BAD when you are African American and you sport a 'Fro!)


They leave and I settle back to watch the Pistons/Spurs game in peace.


When minutes later, my son with uncombed hair suddenly trudges back through the front door with this complaint and observation: "Man! Mom says that at church they accept you the way you are, but then she makes me come home because my hair looks bad!"


I smile my most evil Grinchy grin and say, "Congratulations, boy! You've learned a valuable lesson! Your mother has been lying to you! Everything church people say is nothing but lies! It's all a scam."


"Yeah, dad. I know that now."


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I KNEW this day would come! Hypocrisy can only hide for so long. You see, THIS is how I fight Christianity in my home. I let the Truth of people's behavior speak for itself.


Children aren't stupid. Don't hide religion from them. Expose all the warts of religion and I guarantee that they'll run screaming in the other direction.


This has indeed turned out to be a great X-mas! :fdevil::crucified: I'm so happy. :HappyCry:

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