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Goodbye Jesus

Why I Hate Religion

Brother Jeff

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I hate religion, and the more I become acquainted with the harm it causes in the world and the lives of individual believers, the more I grow to hate it. Religion is a cancer eating away at human society. It is an insult to the intelligence of modern humans. Religion makes Christians bomb abortion clinics and Muslims blow themselves and others up and fly airplanes into buildings.


Religion is ridiculous. The Bible starts out with two absurd and contradictory creation myths and then it goes downhill rapidly from there. Soon we are hearing about two obviously mythical people and a talking snake in a story that involves magic fruit and magic trees. From this absurd story, we get the first clue of the coming Gospel, which is also an absurd story. God sacrifices himself to himself to save us from himself. Absurd!


Religion has historically caused great harm in the world, and it continues to do so today. History is filled with atrocities committed in the name of God, and many wars have been fought over religion. Christianity has left a stain of blood over the last 2000 years of history, and that bloodshed continues even today. Wars, inquisitions, witch hunts, torture, burnings at the stake, sex-abusing child predator priests, abortion clinic bombings, abortion doctor murders, and the list just goes on and on…


Religion has stifled social and scientific progress. Religion has subjugated women and demonized entire groups of people, such as gays. The Christian Church is directly responsible for the Dark Ages and for holding back the progress of human scientific knowledge for hundreds of years. If not for religion, we might be a star-faring race now!


Religion is all about ignorance, and the religious are proud of it! The religious continue to oppose the teaching of science in the classrooms of our public schools. They would prefer that their absurd religious myths take precedence over established scientific fact. Our children are the ones who are suffering for this!


Religion teaches absolute falsehoods about who and what we are. Religion teaches that we were created by a god in the space of a day. The reality is that we are the product of millions of years of biological evolution. Religion teaches that we are sinful and evil and deserve to burn in hell forever. The reality is that humans are basically good and certainly nothing we have done makes us deserving of a flaming hell. Religion teaches us that sex is bad and something to be ashamed of. The reality is that sex is a good thing and necessary for us to procreate. Same goes for masturbation, which is a perfectly normal thing to do. There is nothing “sinful” about masturbation and nothing to be ashamed of. Yet religious kids and young adults are made to feel bad when they give in to normal hormonal biological needs and impulses. I know because I have been there!


Religion causes real harm to good people. If you doubt that Christianity can cause real harm to believers, try going to http://www.ex-christian.net. You will meet thousands of people who have been negatively affected by religious belief. Religion is toxic to good mental health and its false and damaging doctrines cause definite negative psychological and social effects. Those who leave the Christian faith after discovering its falsity can be left scarred for life, suffering from low self-esteem and not knowing who they are or what their function in the world is supposed to be. For more on this issue, see this link:




Also see articles by Dr. Marlene Winell, including this one:




Religion is an outdated and outmoded way of seeing the world and living in it. It causes a great deal of harm and the hope it purports to offer is false. It is time for us as a species to see religion for what it really is — a pack of ancient myths and lies that has enslaved us for far too long.


LINK: http://religionisbullshit.me/why-i-hate-religion/

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I agree.

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You covered it all very well. It's just like you say.

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The only thing I would add is: I hate it too.

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