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The Trouble With Christian Doctrine Part 1


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1. God is love but also vengeance. I remember a christian telling me that god is love and wrath. How can god be absolute love but also hatred? According to the bible, wrath and vengeance is sinful and against love, though many people already knew it. Christians teach us that god's love is conditional like most humans, he won't love us unless we give him what he wants, this is selfish yet we are told it's true.


2. Original sin/The Pandora's box equivalent. Christians gives us a ludicrous story similiar to pandora's box about how evil came to be, a talking snake tricks woman into eating magical fruit than letting a man eat at it too, this is how evil came to be. Because of Adam and Eve's mistake God punishes the whole world with death, sin and suffering. Basically this doctrine says we are all evil and bound for hell for something we didn't do.


3. Satan: Story of a supreme evil being who is omnipresent like god and tempts everyone to sin.

Christians like to use Satan to describe anything that has nothing to do with their beliefs. Satan originated with Zoroastrianism ( the concept of good vs evil) and ancient paganism. Lucifer is Satan's other name, the name Lucifer means morning star it was used in paganism to describe the god of light. Lucifer was a kind and beautiful god not angel. Lucifer's name was changed to Satan and stumbled his way into Christianity. Remember that Satan is really an ancient pagan concept that was stolen and invented as a boogeyman and scapegoat in Christianity.


4. Hell/Eternal damnation: The concept of a terrible place of eternal fire and suffering also originated in pagan origins. Hell was called Tartarus in pagan greek, Tartarus was a place of endless suffering and fire and brimstone; it was used to whiplash the pagans into obedience or they risked eternal torture. The hell in venters later admitted that they fabricated the eternal damnation theory. The Pharisees the false prophets borrowed the concept of hellish fire and suffering from the pagan Greeks, believing it was the prefect way to become rich and super powerful. Hell appears in the bible only 12 times and is not mentioned at all in the OT. Hades, Sheol and Gehenna were but they are not hells and are mistaken hell.

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