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Hello again from your complaining friend.


Well it is January and at my school that means exams, lots of them. I have a friend, Chuk, who needs help studying for his world history class. I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up from work like I did last night when we studied for the same test. He said sure.


He called me at about 5:30 that he got off early so I picked him up and took him home so he could get his books. He cam out of his house at about 6:05 about as pissed as a guy can get. I waited for him to get in and then asked him what was the matter. He said that they got in a fight and that he walked out so that he wouldnt do anything stupid.


At the time I didn't think his parents would care if he left, although I have to admit that I had not thought about it too much. He was mad and explained to me that he was in trouble for a fight he had gotten into a few weeks before that that his parents said they had forgiven.


We stopped at Dairy Queen so he could have something to cheer him up.


He talked a little bit more there but was soon abvsorbed in his ice cream. I asked if he wanted to call his house with my cell phone and then told him to wait until we got to my house so that I wouldnt have to pay as much on the bill.


When we got here a cruiser was waiting with two cops. They took Chuk away and left me wondering what the hell is going on.


Just needed to vent.



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What could this be?!

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