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Atheist Heroes


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Charles Bradlaugh was a noted critic of Christianity, freedom of speech champion, Member of Parliament and social reformer, writer and publisher. To bring contraceptive rights to the poor and down trodden he bravely published a medical book given such informed choices, at a time it was dangerous to do so. Naturally the government of the day had him arrested, and the story of his life was one long struggle against Christian bigotry on the one hand and establishment harassment on the other.


He long held a deep affection for both Ireland and India. In 1866 he founded the National Secular Society and for many years served as its President.


He was held in high regard by those who put the love of humanity before the love of God. Charles Sumner (US Senator)) and John Mills (Member of Parliament) held him in good esteem.


Two of his three children predeceased him, yet despite terrible personal lost and financial hardship, he never wavered in his determination to have the honour, value and respect of the atheist community upheld


This year will see a work of art commissioned to honour Bradlaugh, by (I believe) the House of Commons. Northampton (where his entire parliamentary struggle was based) erected a statue to him in 1894, three years after his premature death. The town also has a nature reserve and public house named after him.


His funeral, in 1891 was mourned by thousands of his fellow countryman and women, and special trains had to be laid on, so that they might come to pay their final respects to the man, who had given the service of his life, to his fellow creatures, without reward in this world or the next.

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