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Take A Seat And Prepare To Burn, You Heretic Scum


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Picture the scene.


You are invited to play the game Monopoly


You opponent, tells you the following.


You only get to play once.


It is possible your particular board might be in a foreign language


Your opponent (lets call Him, ermmm, Yahweh) owns all the board….and has hotels on everything.


He owns all the money, all of it.


He has played many, many times before


You have never played before


He can read your mind


If you don’t play, He will set you on fire


If you play and lose, He will set you on fire


If He doesn't invite you to play, perhaps you live in a part of the world, where the game of Monopoly hasn’t been issued……He will set you on fire


Playing a different game, perhaps scrabble, really, really upsets Him….and He will set you on fire


Given the parameters, do you think your opponent, might be, well perhaps a little unfair, particular as He expects you to not only win this game, despite it absolutely stacked against you, but completely love Him as you play it

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