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Found This On Youtube; Joseph Farrel


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note to mods if this is better off in ex chrsitian spirituality then please move it.It does talk about spirituality however alot of it is critisism of evangelical christianity and the damage it does.It also touches on deconversion about 3/4 way thru.


This guy seems to be ex christian,i have been listening to him for a while.Its defo not for everyone however its value to me (by the way it is quite off the wall conspiracy stuff so i know that alot of people here are not interested in this kind of thing) lies in the interplay between the interviewer and farrel, as they discuss alot of the problematic things we have all encountered as christians particularly as farrel describes the mechanistic approach of christians that they all attempt to view you as either a person to be either converted or ostracised.I found many of their disscussins quite helpful and validating of my feelings towards chrsitians and the church set up as a whole.


i don't post this as a huge disscussion on the conspiratorial content,like i have said i KNOW that isn't for everyone and i am definatly not in some way proslyting conspiracy stuff here.i have to say I still look at the world thru those goggles albeit not in a christian way.Maybe i will not always.But like i say their disscusion on yahweh and the toxcins of the yahweh cult/evangelical church were very helpful to me and i post it for that reason.


The disscussion builds on farrels book ; Yahweh the two faced god.


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