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Onward Atheist Soldiers


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Why atheists argue back



Dear Christian,


Sometimes a member of your flock will ask (reasonably in your opinion) why do we as unbelievers argue against a faith we do not believe in. why don’t we let the matter drop. If we don’t believe let others believe. Let me explain.


Your faith has caused and continues to cause tremendous suffering across the world. Think of the children who tonight go to bed terrified, with thoughts of hell fire and a stern, violent and crazy deity going around in the heads. These children are damaged by adults inflicting their very nasty brand of make believe.


Your faith has murdered nonconformists throughout the centuries. Your churches would still send us to the flames if it could.


Your faith, for as long as it dared sold people into bondage. It stood at the auction house and bought and sold human beings who were forced under the lash to work for free for bigoted Christian overlords.


Your faith has been the enemy of woman. It taught and teaches still that women are to be silent and submissive. It teaches these doctrines on the authority of the fairy tales found in Genesis.


Your faith teaches we are sinners, made to be eternal firewood for a lunatic God we have no chance of placating. A God who smites and smites and smites. A God who hates and hates and hates.


Your faith fought and still fights wars of conquest. The cross of Christ has been marched across the globe and forced upon the minds of humanity at gunpoint.


Your faith that turns human beings against themselves. Your followers have gone on record to say there is nothing morally  wrong with slavery, nothing wrong with sexism.


Your faith still does what it can, where it dares to, to impede science.


Your faith pretends that we can use telepathy to talk to a Jewish carpenter who died 20 centuries ago. Your faith pretends He can hear us and will help us


Your faith is the enemy of the human race

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I've noticed that the Christian practice of "spiritual warfare," that had been directed against the devil and demons during the latter half of the twentieth century, now is gradually being directed at other people again. That's a disconcerting trend.

That's interesting.  Can you tell us a bit more about that?

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We just got back from a month in the UK. The history of Christianity there sounds like something out of a horror movie. They didn't just execute people, they tortured them horribly until they died. In one example, we heard a museum docent explain how the accused were impaled by being lowered slowly onto a sharpened pike, which went up into their intestines. Another method was to be boiled alive. In many cases, those convicted (if charged, you were presumed guilty) were tortured to just before death when they were revived to be either tortured again, beheaded, burned at the stake or hanged.

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