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Goodbye Jesus

My Plug For Ex-C On Facebook

Brother Jeff

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Just posted this plug for Ex-C on Facebook... I love this place. Glory


This is not a site that my Christian friends would appreciate. It's not religion friendly, at all. But it's filled with awesome, loving, caring, compassionate, fun people with a shared experience of having left religion behind in favor of the REAL world... I spend a lot of time there and love it. I love them and they love me. I am understood and appreciated, and that means the world to me... it's an awesome community, and webmaster Dave did a very good thing years ago when he started it. It's grown into an amazing place to hang out online...


Glory! :)

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I try to spread word of this place as much as I can. I know I have a lot of guests visit my blog, which to me, is a good thing. Those who want to know they are not alone, or maybe have questions as to why we think like we do. I think information is power. And if information is given to the religious, and they understand where we are coming from, it will help coexistence along quite nicely.

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