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Goodbye Jesus

Fear Of Death


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Hey Folks,


Its Man kinds goal to always look for survival however since the beginning of time we have always lived then died.  When I think about this concept it gets me a little down.


I understand why Christians put their faith in God / Jesus and Religion in general because it offers them a Post-Death life when in fact the reality is there is probably nothing.


From this I have been reading about how a human mind can be uploaded to a computer and what makes me really wonder is that what makes me - me,  E.g. If I uploaded my mind to a computer there would be two 'Me' but the one that I am right now is the true 'Me' I can understand a brain transplant could in theory let one survive forever but why can we not replace our brains completely.


Perhaps there is a ratio to mechanical that our brains cannot pass?


An even stranger concept that I have thought up is that our consciousness stops apparently when we sleep so technically we are dead and a new consciousness is started the next day.  Perhaps consciousness itself is transferable


The last thing I am pondering is that should we manage to live forever at what point does one actually willingly choose non-existence.


Its just got me a little down finally realizing there's nothing after death.



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