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Point Of Inquiry Podcast - Factory Farming And The Meat Racket: Christopher Leonard On Our Irrational Meat Industry


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It’s National Chicken Month! But rather than celebrating the consumption of fowl, Point of Inquiry is asking what exactly is going on in America's meat industry? Is the way we consume meat at all rational? 
Joining us this week is Christopher Leonard, investigative journalist whose work has appeared in FortuneSlate, and The New York Times. He is a fellow with The New America Foundation, a nonpartisan public policy institute in Washington, DC., and the author of The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business.
Leonard and host Josh Zepps explore the morality of super-industrialized meat production, the iron grip of certain large corporations, and how the centralized system of factory farming is, to Leonard, “Soviet-esque.”

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