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Be Climate Smart With The @ncse’S Mark Mccaffrey


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Mark McCaffrey

Season eight of of Lab Out Loud starts with our thoughts turning towards climate science.  As Programs and Policy Director for the National Center for Science Education, Mark McCaffrey boasts an impressive resume in climate and environmental science.  Mark helped lead the development of the Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) and has testified before the House Subcommittee on Research about climate and environmental education.  As the author of the recently published book “Climate Smart & Energy Wise” (Corwin Press), Mark argues how humanity’s greatest challenge is missing from American science classrooms.  Listen to Lab Out Loud to learn about Mark’s work and how all educators might infuse climate science into their classes.


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What new strategies are evolving to counter the latest creationist attacks? NCSE deputy director Glenn Branch talks about the “third phase” in the ongoing evolution vs. creationism battle.

Featured Image courtesy of Fluvanna
Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution.  Image was cropped.

To listen to this episode, download the mp3 directly, find us on iTunes, or use the player below.

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