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Goodbye Jesus

Not Bound, Not Lawless -- A New Take On Euthyphro


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John Calvin said that Yahweh is not bound by external moral law, but is not internally lawless.  The Latin phrase that he used was "Deus legibus solutus est, sed non exlex."  By this, he meant that Yahweh acts consistently with his nature but is subject to no law external to himself.  Calvin:  "Not that God is subject to law, except in so far as He Himself is law.  For such is the consent and agreement between his power and His righteousness, that nothing proceeds from Him that is not considered, legitimate, and regular."  John Calvin, Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God, X.13.


Darwinists say the same thing about humans:  Larry Arnhart in his book "Darwinian Natural Right" argues that there is a Darwinian ethics rooted in human biological nature.  Humans have desires as a result of their evolutionary history.  Humans call "good" what is desirable for the human;  human nature, as it exists as a product of evolution, is the standard of goodness, for a human.  Arnhart accordingly draws up a list of twenty desires that are “generally desired” by humans.  Thus, although humans are not bound by external moral law, they are not internally lawless.  From Arnhart's Blog:  "I see no reason why we can't be satisfied with a moral anthropology in which the human good is as objectively real as any trait of our evolved human species.  Someday, our human species will go extinct, and then the human good will no longer exist.  But we could still say, it was good while it lasted."


Calvinists and Darwinists agree that there is no "objective goodness" except for the brute fact of what it is that a person loves, as dictated by the person's nature.  Calvinists and Darwinists together say "A person's nature makes subjective right."  Both agree that there is a "lex animata" -- a living law.  There are no Golden Scales of Justice, poised in eternal calm, in which are weighed the acts and natures of gods or men.  (Euphyphro Dilemma Horn 1.)   But neither is goodness arbitrary or random by a sic volo, sic jubeo .  (Euphyphro Dilemma Horn 2.)


What if Calvinists and Darwinists are BOTH correct?  What if there is a Yahweh, and there are humans, each of whom have different natures and moralities, and there are no stars in heaven?


legibus solutus Sed Non Ex Lex

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Guest Furball

John calvin-he even confuses ex-christians. God's laws have 1 major problem-REALITY. Can i just say about the above picture: why can animals hug each other and give comfort to each other, but god can't do that for us. Strange how god's creation which according to god is reputed as less than nothing can show more compassion love tolerance patience and kindness in a simple act than god or jesus ever did in human history. Love you apostate-keep it comin'!

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