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Goodbye Jesus

Eknath Easwaran's 8-Point Program

Brother Jeff

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Hey everybody,


I am seriously considering getting back into meditation and practicing Eknath Easwaran's 8-Point Program for healthy spiritual living.




1. Meditation on a passage

2. Repetition of a mantram

3. Slowing down

4. One-pointed attention

5. Training the senses

6. Putting others first

7. Spiritual fellowship

8. Spiritual reading


This is a religion-based program, but it's positive in nature. Brother Easwaran takes the best from many spiritual paths and melds it all into one great program. 


Thoughts? Thanks.

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It's only as religious as you make it. Looks reasonable to me....

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If you wish to avoid any suggestion of the "supernatural", try swapping the word "psychological" for "spiritual" and, if the name of a deity intrudes in in any material you read or utilize during the process at any point, swap it for the name of someone or something that has meaning for you.


The results will be just the same.


This is a way of seeking to look after your less tangible side (for want of a better term).  Go for it if you feel it will benefit you.

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"Thou shalt have no other [consciousness] before me. For the [consciousness] your [consciousness] is a jealous [consciousness]...."



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