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Abiogenesis - New Work


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Here's an article on new models of abiogenesis.  That's the process by which scientists speculate that life arose from a mix of chemicals that had been bombarded by energy.  Not the same thing as origin of species once life had begun!


See link:



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As noted in the article, it's not a comprehensive explanation, and it has some issues, but overall it seems like a step in the right direction. Thanks for the link!

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Life didnt even have to originate on earth. I like to imagine some alien civilization launched probes and some bacteria hung on for the ride. There you go, life on earth. The alien species could be long gone, but we dont need abiogenesis as am excise for life on earth. Hell, we are very primitive and already launched a few probes.

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Yes, I agree that life didn't have to originate on Earth. 


It could have come from an alien planet or dirty comets or whatever. But the next logical question seems to be how did life arise on an alien planet? Did it come from another alien planet? And if so, did that life come from yet another alien planet? How far back do we take this explanation? 


At some point it would seem that an abiogenesis process had to have happened somewhere, somehow in order for life to emerge in the universe so far back that jumping from planet to planet can no longer explain it.


And if abiogenesis had to have happened somewhere, some how, the simplest explanation would seem to be that life can originate that way any where the conditions are suitable for life to emerge. Maybe it can happen both ways - abiogenesis is necessary in the equation but life can then also transfer between planets once established. But one thing seems clear and that's that abiogenesis has to tie in somewhere, somehow.


And if so, then perhaps abiogenesis is the simplest explanation for how life arose on the earth.

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Weirdly.. it kind of echoes the mythology of Sumeria… simplified and mythologized as it was… that life came from the stars(planets).


Interesting. I love reading about abiogenesis. Thanks for linking!  Not that I understand it deeply but it's still fascinating… like that microbe found by the ocean vent recently.

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