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Goodbye Jesus

I'm Such A Child


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Some friends of mine wanted to start a cover band and needed a guitar player. I had mostly been working on playing bass and drums for the past couple of years, but I complied and picked up my guitar again (after a 12-year hiatus from playing in worship bands).


Bam! I'm playing Nirvana, Offspring, Weezer, Lit, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes (Punk Cover Band).


Playing lead riffs for the first time in my life.


Quite enjoying it.


But...need decent equipment if I'm going to play. Have to keep borrowing a friend's amp since I plug into my sound system at home and I can't lug it around.


So, I decided to continue the Punk theme and start building my own guitar rig on the cheap.


I have a really old Traynor PA amp that I bought for $60 last year.


Yesterday I picked up some Traynor speakers that were built in 1982. Put them together and I've got a 4x10 cabinet.


Here's the kicker: The original owner of these bins is a church I used to attend. The church's name was written in marker on the back.


I grabbed a marker...crossed out the church's name and wrote: THE DEVIL


Completely silly, but very satisfying...I feel as if vengeance is mine... smile.png

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Too bad! That woulda been great at a gig! Haha

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Enjoy being in the band!  Sounds like a great time!


And yes, sometimes doing something that is very silly and immature is just so ... so... satisfying!!!


And I greatly respect your Punk DIY attitude of building your equipment by yourself!  

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I think I've been punk-rock my entire life and never realized it.


I've always loved old sound gear and instruments/equipment. The uglier and beastier it is, the more I adore it.


Not that I don't love new stuff too, but if I can have the old and it works well, I'll take that first.


I think this carries over into my vehicles...I still drive my old Sunfire and do all my own repairs. My motorcycle is 22 years old and ditto for my own repairs.


Screw all the new, cheap shit society keeps throwing at us!

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