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Goodbye Jesus

The Non Prophets 14.10


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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day; Christianity on the decline in US; Mailbag: Why Christians might not like atheists; Telephone Survey; Mailbag: death and atheism; Third Bangladesh blogger hacked to death, female blogger escapes; Sex News! (Texans are morons) Abstinence-only sex ed has given TX all time high rates of chlamydia among schoolchildren; Mailbag: Christian threats of Hell? Or are they warnings? SIAS: Feminists Hail Satanist in Fight for Abortion; Mailbag: Eskimos do NOT have hundreds of words for snow; 60% of Americans now support sam-sex marriage; Oregon bans "gay conversion therapy"; Another homophobic pastor busted cruising for dudes; Copyright 2015, Atheist Community of Austin


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Goodbye Jesus
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