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"who Is To Blame" Response: Yes, Doctrine Is The Problem


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I'm posting this here because you can't comment on the main blog using your exchristian forums account there?!  



The blog post "Who Is To Blame": 'Christian doctrine' is not the problem... Here is why: religious doctrine has no power of its own. As Reza Aslan said in a recent interview: quote "There's this misconception that people derive their values from their scriptures. And the truth is that it's more often the case that people insert their values into their scriptures."


There's this misconception that people derive their values from their scriptures. What? Nobody is denying the selective way people pick and choose their own preconceived interpretation of scripture. But people certainly do still derive their values from their scriptures, even if it is to varying extents and depending on the person! 


Christian doctrine IS the problem, or at least part of the problem. Doctrine determines beliefs about the world, which translate into values. Children don't usually believe things like "my family is going to be tortured in hell for eternity" unless they've been indoctrinated with specific pieces of Christian dogma. And these dogmas can stay with them potentially for the rest of their lives...


It's ok to say that Christian doctrine is a problem, because it is. 



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Strikes me that doctrine is problematic by definition.  It's not just an individual "idea" or a "belief".  Rather, it is something that has hardened into a teaching, accepted as some sort of eternal truth and therefore the basis for enforcing conformity.  It is that pressure to comply with doctrine that causes the greatest harm.


Doctrine, as I understand it, has to be regarded as inviolable.  Therefore it overrides the individual will, and is utterly hateful.

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I grew up in church and Christian doctrine completely shaped my understanding of the world.


Perhaps the most accurate way of putting it would be, "My interpretation of Christian doctrine, from childhood through adulthood, shaped my understanding of the world."


So, yes, I agree that Christian doctrine is to blame.


That's the major issue I have with it...there is ultimately no single person to blame or point my finger at or yell at...I am angry at this huge, over-arching mindset that affects a large portion of the population and it doesn't give a shit about how I feel.


I ultimately have no one to blame but myself for being a moron and staying in the cult for so long.

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