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Goodbye Jesus

Rant About Respect Posted To Facebook

Brother Jeff

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I find it very frustrating and disturbing that Christians can post whatever the hell they want all day long and give MY feelings about it NO consideration whatsoever, and I'm supposed to be okay with that and keep my mouth shut. But if I post inconvenient facts about the Christian God, the Bible and the Christian religion, I'm an angry, hate-filled Atheist who is going to Hell, and I should just STFU!
Fuck that shit! I am NOT going to respect a religion that claims that I am evil because I don't believe in its God and that I am going to Hell forever to suffer never-ending, eternal conscious torment. And I am NOT going to respect a holy book that contains shocking violence that is often either ordered or directly committed by God, that damns homosexuals to Hell, that shamelessly advocates the hatred of women (they are property and they should keep silent in church), that shamelessly approves of and promotes slavery, that condemns everyone who doesn't believe the correct things about the right god to Hell forever, and that starts with laughably ridiculous creation myths and goes rapidly downhill from there.
If you want me to respect your holy book and your religion, tough shit, because I am not going to! I don't get ANY respect for the beliefs I hold as an Atheist, and I am not going to respect Christian beliefs that I find harmful and ridiculous. Respect works both ways! If you want me to respect your beliefs, then try respecting mine first!!



Can I get an Amen? Glory!

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I thought Christians were supposed to have a thing called the holy spirit living inside them who gives them the supernatural power to be meek and even joyful and full of love even when they receive abuse or disrespect? But they act all too human proving that that is precisely what they are; NOT born of the spirit or a new creation or a royal priesthood or indwelt by any supernatural being.

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Except I think I'd rather say...



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