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Goodbye Jesus

On Worship


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I find that believers in Christ usually, in fact overwhelmingly, worship Christ as they want Him to be,not how His is , in the Bible.


There is an old joke that shows this to perfection:


Two rival ministers are sharing a train carriage and naturally get onto the subject of theology. They spend a good couple of hours discussing their own view points, until the train arrives at the final station. They shake hands and one says to the other. You continue to worship Christ in your way and I shall to continue to worship Him in His.


The fact that Christians are nearly completely ignorant of Christ’s teachings, does not disprove the Christian faith, but shows (in part) the church lacks the courage to preach the faith as found in the Bible. God has certain desires, we are led to understand, yet the church , over and over again, generally speaking, fails to promote such desires to the flock, showing their unwillingness to share when is actually in the Bible to the public.


I stand amazed at people , who managed to earn a very nice living as a Christian-while ignoring Christian doctrine they do not like.


The Bible says to abandon your family and to give away all that you own and preach the Gospel- Saint Francis managed to do all three of these things and therefore can be considered a real Christian. Most well known and professional  “Christians”   can only manage to preach the gospel and even then , its a some what watered down version , that brings in the sheep ....and the cash.


For Shame  

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Modern "faith" and church is entirely about nitpicking the parts of the Bible people want to follow and ignoring what they don't want to.


It is about "fitting in". Being part of a group-think.


"I believe this way and so do all these other people, so I must be right."


"That group over there doesn't have it right. My group does."


It's ancient tribe mentality overall.


True faith is about striking out on your own. Taking the left-hand path. Walking the hard trails. Being self-aware and not wearing a mask around others.


It's about doing what isn't easy, about not being a drone by following someone else's path and creed.


I've seen it said on here before that Ex-C's are better Christians now than they were as Christians. I feel like that is true.

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