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Goodbye Jesus

Practical Spiritualism From Anne Lamott


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I've been reading author Anne Lamott's area on Facebook. Her posts are very practical lessons in not being part of the rat-race, on simple acts of kindness to self and others, and avoidance of pseudo-spiritual bumper sticker sayings. I like her approach to life, and her practical advice to graduates.


A couple of quotes and links to her section (you have to be logged into Facebook to read the posts):




"You do what you can, what good people have always done: You bring thirsty people water; you share your food, you try to help the homeless find shelter, you stand up for the underdog."



Her view of the practical Jesus: "It's very hard here. Have you eaten? Look--you all stick together, go to the beach and have some fish. Share what you have. We'll talk later."



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FYI: Spiritualism refers to the use of mediums to contact the dead. Did you mean spirituality?

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Yes, I was in a hurry typing and had a brain fart.

"Humanism" might be appropriate also.

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I liked it. Good messages for the day without any preaching. I like the article on dieting. Worth the read. I just clicked 'like'.


One of her followers said, '' "religion is for people trying to stay out of hell; spirituality is for those in hell trying to get out." 


I love positive messages on facebook. Too much negative stuff for me isn't good. Thanks Fuego!!



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