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Goodbye Jesus

The Quickest Way From Point B (Bible) To Point A


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As I read most folks deconversion stories I am seeing a general path where the vast majority went through/are going through a series of phases to get from point B (bible) to point A; atheism, agnosticism, etc. These phases often times include reverting back, exploring other faiths, belief sets etc. These phases can include bouts of aniexty, depression, and other mental discomforts.


None of this happened to me. Instead, the moment I finally figured out that bible god (and, for me personally all gods) was imaginary, something both indoctrinated into my mind by outsiders and nurtured by my own mental processes I immediately went from "Point B to Point A". No phases. No test driving other religions or belief sets, no manifestation of aniexty, depression, or other mental discomforts. In fact, for me, my adult life issues with anxiety completely and immediately disappeared, and have never come back.


So, i am curious if there are others out their with the same "point B to point A" experience, or, if I am just the rare "odd duck" outlier?

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It's likely different for everyone.


I went from one extreme to the other (hardcore Fundy to hardcore Atheist) at first, but eventually began to understand that I do not do well with extremes...I even went hardcore Vegan for a while and, let me tell you, it's not all that different from religion.


I feel that being hardcore atheist is really not all that different from being religious either.


I cannot handle being extreme one way or the other. For me the extremism doesn't have an end because I always feel that I can "be a better Christian" or "be a better Atheist" or "be a better Vegan" (I mean, come on, I was to the point of not killing mosquitoes and that wasn't "good enough").


It is not a good way for me to live at all.


So, I need to find a soft, squishy middle where I can be happy and where the rules are bendable and where life doesn't depend upon absolutes. I believe and feel what I want, when I want, and I'll eat a fucking cheeseburger if I want to even if I do feel sorry for the cow.

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I think most people go through stages,but people & their situations are different so it is reasonable to expect people to experience this process differently.

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