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Goodbye Jesus

Creation Entertainment Of God


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Was the Lord not satisfied with Himself that He started this dolls-play of creation with animals, plants and humans? For the Lord it is a game to engage souls in deeds and then clear their sins (or good deeds). If He has set the rules of the game and He has predetermined how much sin of each soul to clear in one birth, then does the soul have no independent will and freedom of choice. Should we just do our duty as told in the Gita and not worry about steering our own lives as we see fit?




In fact the Lord is satisfied by Himself as said in the Brahma Sutra (Lokavattu Leela Kaivalyam). The Lord gets satisfaction when His devotee gets satisfied. The essential aim of this creation for the God is only the sweetness of love. The Lord enjoys the sweetness in the love of His devotees to Him. The Devotees enjoy the same sweetness of love of God to them. Therefore, the devotees who are satisfied with such sweet love will not put this question. Only the devotees who could not get such love which flows to both sides or subjected to this question. Such devotees love these unreal bonds in this world.


They do not get satisfaction because when such love is analyzed, the inner selfishness comes out. When the essence of such love is realized, this question comes to the mind and the creation looks waste. They have seen only the false love of the world but have not seen the true love of God. If they enter the spiritual line and experience the true love of the Lord, they will certainly find the necessity of this wonderful creation. Without this creation the existence of such divine love is not possible. Therefore, on realizing the false love in this world one has to turn towards God to experience the real love. When they experience the divine love they will appreciate the Creator, the Creation and the aim of the Creation. Thus the game, which is the aim of the Creation, is not just for the selfish satisfaction of the Lord. In fact the divine love is more enjoyed by the soul than the Lord. The reason is that the Lord Himself is an infinite ocean of bliss and does not require any more enjoyment.


It is actually the soul, which is an infinite ocean of worry and misery enjoys the divine love, which contains bliss. Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa told that He likes to be the ant to enjoy the sugar than to be the sugar itself. The ant, which is not sugar, enjoys more the sugar. The sugar being itself the sugar cannot enjoy the sweetness. In fact even the Lord imposes ignorance on Him and becomes an ordinary soul to enjoy really this sweetness of divine love. Hanuman was the incarnation of the Lord Shiva. He cannot enjoy the divine love of the Lord to a devotee. Therefore, He imposed ignorance on Himself and became a devotee. Hanuman enjoyed the divine love of the Lord Rama more than Rama Himself. Infact Rama also could enjoy the divine love by imposing self-ignorance and by acting as an ordinary human being. Therefore, this game is more meaningful for the sake of the souls than the Lord Himself. The Lord transfers the evil results of such real devotees to Himself and enjoys actually the misery. By this the devotee enjoys permanent happiness. Therefore, this game of the world is finally resulting in the permanent happiness of devotees (souls) only and not for the enjoyment of the Lord.


The rules of the game are well defined. Violation is not possible as long as you are in the field of Pravrutti. Even in Pravrutti if you accept and surrender to Lord unlike the atheist, some concession is given as the rearrangement of the results i.e., postponing and pre-poning. Since, the interest is increased and decreased respectively, the concession is not beyond the rules of justice. When the person to whom you have to pay the loan comes to you, he may postpone the payment on your request but will not cancel the interest. But in the Nivrutti the loan and the interest is cancelled. But the Lord pays all that for your sake. The main purpose of the human incarnation is only this. Through human body, He suffers as you suffer. He will not avoid suffering using His super power because it will be again cheating the justice.


Thus, the rules of the game, which are called, as the administration of justice is never violated either in Pravrutti or Nivrutti. But you have the full freedom in the game to win or to be defeated. The rules will not affect your chances of either success or defeat. You have to play the game following rules. Some times the rules may help you to succeed. When the soul with its subtle body returns to the earth with a gross body as a baby, the subtle body contains very little remains of the original qualities. In the hell the intensity of these qualities is very much reduced. The remains of these qualities are called as Karma Sesha (Remains of deeds). Actually it is Samskara Sesha (Remains of qualities). People misunderstand at this point and think that the subtle body is associated with the remains of the deeds. The deed is inert and cannot be present in the life energy (Subtle body). Only a quality, which is a wave of the life energy, can remain in the subtle body. When a thief was beaten in the police station and is left, he comes out with reduced intensity in his quality of steeling. The deed of steeling does not remain with the thief. It is this remainder of quality that generates its corresponding deed of steeling. The remaining quality of steeling grows in the encouraging atmosphere and generates the deed of steeling. Now you are caught and again punished. For the second punishment, which is the cause? The root cause is only the remaining quality of steeling.


Thus, you are said that you are undergoing the result of the past deed. The word " Past deed " means the past remaining quality only. If that past remaining quality is destroyed, there is no second punishment. How to destroy the quality? The quality is made of life energy and is constituted by wrong knowledge. Therefore, only the right divine knowledge can destroy the quality. If the qualities are destroyed by the divine knowledge the deeds are destroyed. This is said in Gita, " Jnanagnih Sarva Karmani …..", which means that divine knowledge can destroy all the deeds. What is this divine knowledge? It is the knowledge of the Lord, your self and path to attain Him and please Him. If He is pleased, He will give you the divine knowledge and all the deeds are burnt. If you are unable to use the knowledge fully and if some deeds are still left over due to your improper assimilation of knowledge, the Lord will burn those deeds also by suffering with those results. The Lord clearly stated in Gita that the divine knowledge alone could relieve you from all the sins. Once you are determined due to the divine knowledge you will practice it without any doubt. The result of that is the full grace of the Lord.


The divine knowledge consists of two parts 1) If you are in Pravrutti only, you can attain your self by the self-realization. In this you will be fixed in the self and get detached from the both subtle and gross bodies. By this all the bonds related to gross body and related to feelings (Subtle body) or cut off and you will attain the eternal peace. All your worries, anxiety, tensions, misery, mental pain, dissatisfaction, confusion etc., will disappear forever. You will live with perfect peace through out your life. Peace is your property, which is the characteristic of your soul. You have to think that you are the pure awareness, which is stand still (called as Atman or soul). When you are attached to the gross body or subtle body (Mind), you have lost the peace. If you are attached to the casual body (soul), you have gained your lost peace. 2) In Nivrutti you attain the Lord who has come in the human form for your sake to give the bliss. Bliss is only the characteristic of Lord as said in Veda (Anando Brahma……). Veda also says that the Lord alone can give bliss to the soul (Eshahyeva Anandayati……). Bliss is not characteristic of the soul. Your property is only the golden chain and not the diamond necklace. You should not think that peace is bliss. By your effort you can attain only peace but not the bliss. You can get the bliss only by nearing yourself to Sadguru who is the human incarnation. You can get the cool breeze when you are near the sea on the shore. If you are in the house, you have avoided the hot sun. By attaining the soul you have come to zero from minus, but that is not plus. Zero is within your self and bliss is from external agency. When you have attained what you have, it is avoiding loss, which can give only peace but not the bliss.


Thus, the divine knowledge of Sadguru gives you atleast peace, which is the earth, if not the bliss, which is the sky. He will give you the knowledge of Atman to give peace. This is essential requirement for any one in this world. A few blessed people can also get the bliss if they realise that the Sadguru is the Lord Himself. Therefore, you must utilise the full freedom given to you in this human birth and you must destroy all your sins permanently through Nivrutti only. You should be very active to use this unlimited freedom with in the limited span of lifetime. When you leave this gross body and go to upper worlds you have no freedom at all and those upper worlds hence are called as " Bhoga Loka" which mean that they are the worlds in which the results are to be enjoyed without any freedom. This earth is called as "Karma Loka" which means the world in which you are given full freedom to do any thing. You are given the opportunity to receive the divine knowledge here and if you practice it by determination, your entire fate is changed here and there also.

The sages did long penance and sat in the process of self-realization for several ages. They obtained peace of the self but not bliss of the Brahman. Then they realized and approached Lord Krishna as Gopikas for the bliss, which they got in Brindavanam in the vicinity of the Lord (Sayujyam). You can smile or laugh with bliss only by attaining the Lord in human form. You can get atleast a shadow of the bliss by remembering the Lord. But without any external agency you cannot get happiness or bliss. If you are peaceful and silent, no body will ask you the reason but if you are laughing and dancing in bliss stating that there is no external reason for it, it is unnatural and people will admit you in the mental hospital.


At Thy Lotus Feet


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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Lemmie condense this:


"Lord GohWD tirreth of playing with his Holy Member by himself. So he pulled flying butt monkeys from the witches broom feathers and made unto hisself a creature more fair than all of the Richard Nixon masks in the holloween shops across the land?"


"The the Lord GowHd made the Seed which implanted into the River of Life brought forth the most elect iguana bread, which in time will sprout its seed unto the stars, forever and ever, as long as the Crab Nebula continues to cause space time continum folds!"


Oh yeah, and please do not for get the Scripture of the Holy Handgrenade:


"When the Holy Pin is Pulled, Master Grenade is not your Friend!"




Wiley Post, the great pilot and philosopher, Friend of Will Rodgers:


"Don't sit on your fuckin' spurs greenhorn!"



And the assembled said AH-CHOO!



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Why are you here?


If all path lead to one place, then so will atheism.

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Thank you, Brother Nivek, for reminding us all of the iguana bread revelation. I shall now read from the Book of the She-Sidhe:


(1:3) The cat sounds like eleven sheets of phyllo pastry.

(1:4) Electric fan motors are inspirational.

(1:5) Despite the toaster, I shall continue my work.


(Passes collection plate to score fresh carrots and lettuce for the Cute Bunny, BHHFF)


I don't know what you're quoting, dattaswami, but it's tangled, almost incomprehensible English that contains a lot of very bad mythology and cosmology. There is a great deal of mystery in our daily lives, but whoever composed that screed obviously does not see that you cannot explain a complicated situation by imposing an even more complicated explanation upon it.


I believe that gods are possible. I do not believe that the universe is as you describe it above, because it makes things several orders messier than they already were. What you have there is an ancient thought experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong.

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Thank you, Brother Nivek, for reminding us all of the iguana bread revelation. I shall now read from the Book of the She-Sidhe:


I believe that gods are possible. I do not believe that the universe is as you describe it above, because it makes things several orders messier than they already were. What you have there is an ancient thought experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong.




From the beginning the wife is in the control of the husband. Veda says that the Lord is ‘Purusha’ (male). His power called as Maya is treated as His wife. Veda says this (Atha Pursushohavai, Purushayevedam, Paraasya Sakthihi, Indro Mayaabhih). The modification of Maya is the world. The Jeevas (souls) are a part of the world. Therefore Jeevas are also modification of Maya. Such Jeevas are the servants of the Lord. This world and Maya is called ‘Bharya’ (wife) that means who is maintained. The Lord is called as ‘Bhartha’ that means the maintainer. Among the Jeevas the males are also treated as the wives of the Lord and as ladies only, as said in Veda (Striyah Sateeh Pumsa Ahuh). The male sages have become the female Gopikas. This world is called ‘Prakruti’ which is sub-divided into 1) Para Prakruti which is the life or consciousness or awareness 2) Apara Prakruti which is inert matter. Prakruti is only the modification of Maya. Maya is associated with the Lord. Prakruti is also called as Maya because there is no difference between Maya and its modification. This is told in Gita (Maayaam tu Prakrutim).


The Lord and the world are mentioned as Purusha and Prakruti both stand as husband and wife (Prakrutim Purusham Chaiva). When the Lord comes as Purusha in human form, His devotees come as the servants of the Lord to participate in His work. Due to such souls the Lord is entertained. If you take the Lord as the universal Eeswara, then all the souls in this world are His servants to entertain Him. The Lord alone cannot enjoy as said in Veda (Ekaaki Naramate). His power Maya is treated as His wife who is modified into the world to entertain Him. This Maya is awareness and is called as Para Sakthi. Maya is in the form of several wishes. This Maya is converted into the inert five elements called as Apara Prakruti. This Maya (Para Sakthi) entered some inert bodies in this world. Such Maya, which is present in any inert body is called as Para Prakruti. The inert body is Apara prakruti. Any living being is the combination of Para Prakruti and Apara Prakruti. The Lord did not enter any living being and therefore any living being is not the Lord. The Lord enters a particular living body present in the womb and when such living being is born, that is said to be the incarnation. Lord Krishna at the center is such incarnation and the Gopikas around are the living beings. Even Arjuna is a living being. Whenever the word Prakruti comes, it means both Para Prakruti and Apara Prakruti which are the two sub divisions.


In Gita the Lord said “Prakrutim Svaam” which means that the Lord enters Prakruti. Therefore the Lord entered both Para Prakruti and Apara Prakruti because the word Prakruti means both the sub-divisions. The Lord also said “Aatma Mayayaa”. This means the Lord enters the Prakruti with His Maya. Veda says the same (Tadevaanu Praavisat). In this context Veda says “Sa Idam Sarva Masrujata Tat Srushtva” which means that the Lord created this world and entered this world. The Lord enters a living body present in the womb. The living body consists of the five inert elements called Apara Prakruthi and also life called Para Prakruti. Therefore the living body is called as Prakruti. When Maya (Para Sakthi) enters a non-living body, that body becomes a living being. Therefore when the Lord enters the Prakruti it means that the Lord enters a living body only which is the combination of both Para Prakruti and Apara Prakruti. Both these put together is called Prakruti. This means the Lord will never enter only Apara Prakruti, which is the inert body. Veda says this (Natasya Pratima Asthi). When the Lord enters Prakruti, such living being is called as the human incarnation. The Siva Linga indicates the wave nature of life energy (Para Prakruti). The statue of Lord Vishnu indicates the matter, which is Apara Prakruti.


Matter and energy are inter convertible as per science. That means Siva and Vishnu are inter convertible forms as said “Sivaya Vishnu Rupaaya”. Brahma is the Lord who enters both the Siva and Vishnu who represent the life energy and the inert body. Then it becomes the human incarnation, which is given to the world called as ‘Datta’. This is the meaning of the three heads of Datta. Therefore the statue of the Lord indicates the Purusha. The statue of the female indicates His power Maya, which is modified as Prakruti (world). The power and the world, entertain the Lord like a wife entertaining her husband. The male and female difference in the two statues is not the actual difference of male and female in the world. All the living beings including the inert world containing rivers, mountains etc., along with the power Maya is represented by the female statue. All the jeevas are Prakruti and therefore female only. Due to this reason Meera asked Tulasi Das whether there is any male in the souls. Therefore the female statue indicates the group of servants who entertain the Lord in Human form and the male statue indicates the Lord. Maya is like the ocean on which the Lord is lying. A little of this water is modified into static ice vessels. Some of the vessels are again filled with the water of the sea. Such vessels filled with water are the living beings. The other ice vessels, which are not filled with water are just the mountains, rivers etc.,


The water present in the ocean is Maya or Para Sakthi. The same water that exists in the ice vessels as little quantities is called as Para Prakruti . First a little seawater is modified into ice vessels. Similarly a little of Maya (Para Sakti is modified into the inert five elements. You can consider the seawater as dynamic and the inert five elements as static ice. But the dynamism and static nature are not the difference between life and inert matter because even the inert light is dynamic. Therefore you cannot say that the dynamic water is life and the static ice is the inert matter. Of course science says that the inert static matter is the condensed form of the inert dynamic energy. Therefore here the inert matter is produced from inert energy. But how the inert energy like light, heat etc., is produced from the life energy (Para Sakti)? The life energy is Maya and the inert energy is the Apara Prakruti. How this Apara Prakruti resulted from Maya (Para Sakthi)? This is the mystery of the creation of the Universe. Due to this mystery only this power is called Maya. The word Maya means wonderful. From the earth plants are produced as said in Veda (Pruthivya Oshatha yah). Here the plant consists of inert matter.


Therefore into this inert matter (Apara Prakruti), Maya entered and the plant becomes a living being. The life energy is not doing a particular work, which is called as mind. Mind is the work of the awareness and that work is desires. In the plant the awareness does not do this work and therefore plants do not have mind. But in animals, birds etc., the awareness started doing this special work and therefore they possess mind. In human beings apart from mind, the awareness started doing another special work called decision and such work is called as intelligence or buddhi. Therefore the same life energy is present in plant or animal or a human being. They differ only by the special works of the awareness. The male statue and the female statue in the temple are teaching you this wonderful divine knowledge. Those statues are made of Apara Prakruti and not the Lord and Maya and Lord and Maya have not entered those statues as said in Veda (Nedam Tat, Neti Neti, Natasya Pratima).


They are only the instruments of the knowledge and the vision of such statues can give you divine experience and bliss. You have read this knowledge present on the paper. The paper and the printed sentences are only instruments of knowledge and can give you vision and bliss of knowledge. This does not mean that the paper and the sentences are the divine Lord. The divine Lord is also not present in this paper and sentences. Unless you learn the divine knowledge from this paper and printed sentences, this paper and the sentences are a waste. Similarly if you do not understand the divine knowledge represented by the statues, the statues are a waste for you.

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...is satisfied by Himself as said in the Brahma Sutra (Lokavattu Leela Kaivalyam). The Lord gets satisfaction when His devotee gets satisfied. The essential aim of this creation for the God is only the sweetness of love. The Lord enjoys the sweetness in the love of His devotees to Him. The Devotees enjoy the same sweetness of love of God to them. Therefore, the devotees who are satisfied with such sweet love will not put this question. Only the devotees who, etc. etc. etc.


Blah blah blah. :talkalot:


Dude, don't you have a job or something?


BTW, you are aware you're full of crap, right? I mean you don't really take all that seriously, do you? :ugh:

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You seem very hung up on the myth of male-female duality. The entire universe is made of genderless molecules and genderless energy. Live with it.

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