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Going back a while now, but I watched the documentary called " Touching the void"


Basically the true story is a follows:


Two chaps climb a very big mountain, successful, however on the descent one of them (Joe) breaks his leg very badly. Simon, who is uninjured attempts to slowly lower Joe down the mountain. When the ropes runs out, Joe is to pull on it, so that Simon knows to lower himself down to Joe's position and they start the process again. Unfortunately for Joe, Simon, in the dark and the cold, lowers Joe over a cliff edge, meaning that he is dangling in mid air and unable to climb back up. Simon cannot hear or see Joe , and after an hour or so, fearful that he (Simon) will eventually be dragged down to his death, he decides to cut Joe's rope.


Joe falls into a crevasse, (a dark and cold one). After spending the night on the mountain, Simon continues his descent. He sees what has happened and concludes (fairly, given the circumstances ) that Joe must have been killed.


Joe and Simon pick up the story here:


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To Add:


If Joe and Simon had simply prayed for help, they would almost certainly have died 

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I've watched that movie and it was really good.  Highly recommended.


A Youtube comment: 

"Test of strength, will power, friendship and hope. It is edge of the seat thriller disguised as a documentary. Based on the true story is an inspiring tale every mountaineer or trekker should watch. Indeed, every film buff should watch this survival of the fittest epic."

Here is the trailer and the full movie:




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