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Goodbye Jesus

Yahweh's Big Problem


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We are immune to the cognitive meme.  We "did not consider it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God."  Some people are innately immune, but we ex-Christians have "acquired immunity."  In its arrogance, the meme says that this was its own doing, an act of "hardening our hearts" Exodus 4:21; Joshua 11:20; Isaiah 63:17.  And an act of "giving us over to ourselves" Romans 1:24.  But what else is it going to say?  Yahweh has a big problem on his hands.  Our lack of attention to his claims is a stubborn fact for him which no divine curses, no hellfire, blessings or bribes, can solve for him.  No matter how charged with punishments the scroll, Kali, Thanatos, Yahweh, Allah, and Anubis will not enter our minds in that way. 



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