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Goodbye Jesus

What Does God Actual Want


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Assuming for a moment , that Christianity is true, what can we deduce with regards to Gods desires.


He created us for His own glory, yet must have wanted us to sin, perhaps to give Himself an excuse to engage in the sort of behavior He then gets up to. He curses Adam and Eve and hands down that curse to everyone else. It must be how He wants the game to be played. So this is the game plan, in terms of its start. What can we then figure out what He wants.


Generally He appears to want the following from us:


Our Love

Our Worship

Our Fear

Our obedience

Our Faith


Why not just write these desires in the sky , so there could be not doubt, why write the Bible over many, many years....why the lack of clarity

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Guest Furball

according to the book of romans....and well the entire bible, god wants us all to suffer in this life and forever in the next


what's the good news again???????

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The good news is: You can be saved from the pointless shit Im putting everyone through.


And if you dont want to play my game, then off to hell it is with you.

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"The Lord is my shepherd..." Psalm 23


We are sheep to be shorn.

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I don't think I would really mind following a religion/god, if it had clarity, sense, evidence, and a reasonable moral standard. unfortunately christianity or indeed any other religion I am familiar with lack all of these things. It could even work if you took out one of those elements, e.g. I wouldn't mind not having any evidence if this was clearly explained why there is no evidence to be found nowadays and a good reason for being missing.


when you ask christians why their god isn't making any goddamn sense with his system, the answer you get is "god's ways are not our ways". this is because best case scenario god is completely unhinged and follows none of our seemingly more advanced ways of thinking,

really in the end, that god is what we call evil, or doesn't exist. or hasn't felt the need to communicate with humans properely.

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