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Goodbye Jesus

Why Make Us Then


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So,OK ,lets say , that we have been specially created by a violent , homicidal god.




Why bother to create us, what was the reason.


Mr and Mrs Bible thumper might say its to glorify Himself.........So why have angels, do they not glorify Him.


He hates sin, yet creates sinners, hates gays , yet creates them. Is desperate to be known and loved, yet authors a book, filled with contradictions.


He acts like He hates the things he has made with His supernatural powers


He wants all to be saved, yet refuses to clearly state how they can be 


He wants none to perish (in Hell), but says most are going there  


He punishes people He has created for the crimes committed by others.


Has he been driven mad by loneliness, has He been driven mad by always being alive and awake. Are we , in effect, the way he medicates Himself. Are we the purpose in His life, as He has no other reason to be.

Will a passing Christian explain The Lords Motives 

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