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Goodbye Jesus

The Non Prophets 14.12


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Denis' crackly microphone intro; Louisiana schools are teaching (Surprise!) Creationism; Mailbag: Moderate Believers; Australian couple threatens that if Same Sex Marriage becomes law they will make themselves look like total asses; Mailbag: Atheist married to a believer; Pat Robertson to grieving mother: "Thank God for killing your child";Mailbag: suggested show segment "I've got a question!";SIAS: Ken Ham inadvertently encourages a lot of people to Google for nude pics of Miley Cyrus;Mailbag: "It's 'Dah lek', not 'Day lek!'";Mailbag: Role of the Church of England in the UK;Exhaustive research conducted by the Non Prophets' chat room "cannot confirm that Miley Cyrus is or is not an atheist";Film Review: "Tomorrowland"; Copyright 2015, Atheist Community of Austin


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Goodbye Jesus
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