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Goodbye Jesus

Ot/nt And Prophecy

Guest sub_zer0

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Guest sub_zer0

1.) How doesn't the OT progress with the NT?


Of course I believe they do, but why don't you? List the OT and NT verses or questions you have and I will try to resolve them.


But first, there are altogether about 700 quotations and references to the OT found throughout the NT. Out of the 39 books, citations from 31 are made, coming from all parts of the OT and from every division.


2.) Any prophetic related questions?


Of course you already know that the Bible is 1/4 prophecy and most of which have been literally fulfilled!

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Jeremiah 31.... Hasn't happened yet, at all, not even a little bit.


How hasn't it happened through Christ?


Subby you WILL check your messages and comply if your wish your posting privilege to continue here at ExC.


Still another useless topic locked until Subby finishes his battles he has started elsewhere on Boards.


k, mean_old_man, L

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