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Goodbye Jesus

More Facebook Idiocy


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One of my friends 'liked' a post by one of her friends and I happened to see it. It annoyed me enough that I created my own post about it (without mentioning either Facebook participant):


Just saw a thing about a lady named Kitty Werthmann and the speeches she gives across the USA. Here is a very well thought-out and gentle rebuttal of Ms. Werthmann's claims:


(In a nutshell, Ms. Werthmann essentially likens the Obama administration and left-wing progress to the Nazi party and I'm certain her speeches are coming out of the woodwork again because Right Wingers and Evangelicals don't like the latest US Supreme Court ruling of legalizing gay marriage. Hmmm...Canada and many other countries have had gay marriage for how long now? I don't see any of us goose-stepping nor being gassed for speaking out against the government.)


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Guest sylensikeelyoo

Yeah tell me about it. I'm getting pretty irritated by many of my friends' Facebook posts as well. They are still pretty upset about the SCOTUS decision and they are all pretty convinced that this country is doomed. In a huff, I posted this as my final rebuttal to everyone, and its in the same vein as what you said, GG:


"If God is going to be so pissed off at us for letting homosexuals marry each other, why have we not seen examples of this supposed wrath in other countries that have done the same thing? Switzerland is a good example. In terms of crime rate, economy, morale and welfare of the citizens....Switzerland is doing fine. Why didn't God wipe Switzerland off the planet like everyone thinks God is going to do to us? What makes America this big, bleeding target in the mind of an angry God in the midst of a world full of countries doing worse things than giving equal rights to homosexuals?


There's countries out there that are sawing people's heads off with knives, burning and drowning people alive in cages, torturing and murdering children, AND human trafficking is perfectly legal in said countries. And you have the gall to think God is pissed off about gay marriage? Get over yourself and grow up. Cancer, natural disasters, famine, war, genocide, slavery, and tyranny are far worse atrocities plaguing mankind than human sexuality. I think that if God truly is more pissed off about the latter, then He is much smaller than we thought He was."


It was received more positively than I thought it would. This makes me very hopeful.

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Nice post, Sy. smile.png


It's times like this that I wish I did have more Christian friends on FB...or even just more friends that gave a shit when I go on anti-religious rants...but I either culled the wingnuts or simply never looked them up/added them.

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