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Goodbye Jesus

Hard To Believe

Guest Furball

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Guest Furball

-Is christianity based in reality? 


-All i have to do is believe, says the christian.


Do you believe the following: 


- a snake and a donkey communicate with humans in their human language


- people aged to 900 years old


- lot's wife, a human like you and me, instantly turned into a pillar of salt


- a pillar of fire could lead people around their lands


- the sun stopped moving freezing daylight (they believe the sun rotates around the earth, not the earth around the sun)


-  an axe head can float on water


- a star could point to an exact location


- unlearned people could speak foreign languages in an instant


- someones shadow or a rag could instantly cure someone of any ailment


- a worldwide flood that killed all living things and plants (so what did the herbivores and carnivores eat when off the ark)


- someone who can walk on water and control the weather at their will


- water can be turned into fermented alcohol instantly


- a human being can be swallowed up by a whale and live without food or clean water for 3 days and nights and still be ok


- people can fast for 40 days and nights without a crumb of food or a single drop of water and live to tell about it


- demons (naughty angels) who can possess people and cause sickness and death


- murdering and burning animals is pleasing to an invisible deity


- visions, dreams that come true, prophetic utterances, miracle workers, magicians, unicorns, and sorcerers all exist


- angel visitations are normal in populated communities


- dead people are raised back to life and act as if nothing happened


- entire graves open up and the dead walk all through an entire city


- a virgin can conceive a child with no help from a man 


- living a normal life can send a person to an eternal torture chamber and it is referred to as deserved justice 


- being born is an eternal crime


- slavery is held as honorary 


- women are a man's property 


- women are debased as things and not people 


- back talking children and sex outside of wedlock is considered to be pure and unforgivable evil


- no matter what, every bad thing that ever happened in human history you are responsible for


- every thought, word, and deed committed by you is pure evil, and you commit this all the time


- a father must brutally torture his son for your high crime of not believing in him or any of this insane crap


Does what you just read make perfect sense to you? It does to the christian. Yet, according to them, the unbeliever is insane for rejecting it, and utterly stupid for not believing it and accepting it as logical reality. 


Hard to believe indeed.

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"- no matter what, every bad thing that ever happened in human history you are responsible for"


This makes me feel so powerful!  Minions, bow before me!


Other than that, yes, the rest is ridiculous.  I believed it, then kept trying to believe it when I had a lot of questions.  I'm glad that's over with!

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Guest sylensikeelyoo

Seriously, Cat. Don't be all hating on my magical sky wizard with your science and shit. You know that's a conspiracy by the devil to get people to turn their backs on Gawd. Plus, its easier for me to believe in my magical sky wizard God man who died and magically made himself alive again than it is for me to believe in your science. Fucking magnets! How do they work? Holy motherfucking miracles yo!

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