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Goodbye Jesus

Last Words Of Jesus


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I'm just curious about how committed Christians feel about humor that they might consider blasphemous or irreverent?


Here is a joke I found on the web about Jesus being crucified on the cross.


Would you as a true believer/Born-Again Christian find this kind of humor offensive, irreverent or just down right blasphemous?


The last words of Jesus goes like this in this joke:


Jesus was nailed up on the cross. The crowds were all around him. From on the cross Jesus cries out "John..."


John, hearing this, rushes up to his Lord. Before he can get close a Centurion grabs him and cuts off his right foot and throws him back in the crowd.


Again Jesus cries out "John..."


John again fights his way throughout the crowd. The Centurion grabs him and cuts off his left foot and throws him back.


Jesus cries out yet again "John..."


John drags himself through the crowd with his hands only to meet the same Centurion who cuts of his right hand and throws him back into the crowd.




John manages to crawl through the crowd pulling himself along the ground by his left and manages to sneak past the Centurion this time. He drags himself over to the cross and looks up at his Master and says "I am here my Lord. What is it?"


Jesus says "John... I can see your house from up here."



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