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I guess I am a ravenous devourer of all things information. I have a list of books on my computer that I am reading, or want to read, but I want NEED more! happy.png


What have been some good resources for all of you in your deconversion. Particularly in the early stages (as I am right now). Hopefully this can be useful to others looking for a good list of places to go to learn more.


Perhaps I will curate a list? I'll go ahead and include (in bold) the ones I already have (haven't read them all yet).



The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins

The God Argument - A.C. Grayling

Some Mistakes of Moses - Robert Ingersoll

Godless - Dan Barker

Why I Became an Atheist - John Loftus

A History of God - Karen Armstrong

Skeptics Annotated Bible

A Short History of Christianity - John M Robertson
Christianity and Mythology - J.M. Robertson
The Christ Myth - Arthur Drews
Debunking Christianity - John Loftus
The Jesus Puzzle - Earl Doherty
Forgery in Christianity - Joseph Wheless
Is it God's Word? - Joseph Wheless




"Letting Go of God" - Julia Sweeney

"Why I Am No Longer a Christian" - Evid3nc3



The Thinking Atheist Podcast




Richard Carrier Blogs

Vridar Neil Godfrey

Drew Bekius Blog

Valerie Tarico

Contradictions in the Bible

The TalkOrigins Archive

Skeptics Annotated Bible

Jesus Never Existed

Why Evolution is True

Christianity Disproved

No Answers in Genesis!

Is evidence for Jesus really as good as for Caesar?  - Matthew Ferguson's Blog

Counter-Appologics FAQ  - Matthew Ferguson's Blog



"Believe" - Mumford and Sons

"Say Something" - Great Big World

"We Are All Where We Belong" - Quiet Company


Thanks all!

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Maybe not what you're looking for but Quiet Company's "We Are All Where We Belong" is great to listen to when dealing with leaving the faith. haha

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Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God" is very watchable, even by those who disagree with her.

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I failed to mention Matthew Ferguson. Richard Carrier recently linked to four of his articles.

Is evidence for Jesus really as good as for Caesar?


Counter-Appologics FAQ   From Matthew Ferguson's Blog

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Wow, thanks! That gives me some great books and blogs.


Anyone have more youtube type stuff? Or just other video content? I REALLY enjoyed Evid3nc3's videos.


I'll update the list with your suggestions after I get home this evening.

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I like the podcast The Thinking Atheist.

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Yes! I just downloaded all of them! =D Trying to find another good one as well, maybe one that has more special guests/experts or something. I'll post if I do.

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