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Goodbye Jesus

My Step -Father


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He was a cruel and violent man. A hardcore drinker and racist and homophobic . Self centred, opinionated and unpleasant. When the drink finally killed him, neither his two biological children, nor his sister attended his funeral.The coroner said he brain was so pickled it had shrunk


Three times he threw bricks through my lovely Grandmas windows, because he was a beer soaked clown, and a shitty example of a human being.When I was a child, he drove my head so hard into a wall, I required hospital treatment.


Not content with pissing his money up the wall and bullying the family with his threats and rows, he had served time in military prison. He died unloved and un-mourned and has laid rotting in a grave for the last 19 years missed by no one.........


Guess what religion he was into.......

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He wasn't perfect.  He was just forgiven, right? jesus.gif

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