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Goodbye Jesus

Hell Is The Last To Go


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It's been over 3 years now and I have not be able to shrug off hell, well not just hell, hell, heaven and judgment day. It's like these three concepts are the core of everything that has held me in chains for Christ since I believed it.


And it's dishonest, how can God expect me to love him freely but at the same time be honest that I do it without coercion.


And I have to continue to suffer with all this anxiety because some fucking cunts 2000 years ago couldn't keep their spiritual cocks in their pants, yeah they have fucked us all up for sure and this world with it.

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The one thing for me that worked was looking at my daughter sleeping, and trying to imagine burning her forever because she did something I didn't like. or even just burning her.. or well... just no.






There is NO way I could EVER torture my child, even if she continued to do whatever I didn't like.


Not ever... I would kill myself first.




It's such a mind-bogglingly insane concept that there is 0% chance of it being even close to reality... no creator, no parent even remotely loving, could ever do that.


That's how I know it's bullshit.

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Hell.....the credit card of Christianity that keeps charging interest and can never be paid off........


The idea that we avoid this hateful prison , by sending begging thoughts to its invisible planner and creator  is sick 

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