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Spring Cleaning


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Spring Cleaning




This was supposed to be my safe place.


How did you get here?


I didn’t let you inside.


You are going to have to leave.


This is my spring cleaning.






These are my boxes.


All that belongs to you


I have given back.


Like this fear,


and this pain,


and these insecurities,


in pretty pink packages


with a red red ribbon.


You took my innocence without my permission.


You can keep it, though.


It’s worn out its usefulness.






I once lived in a gingerbread house


where the walls were sweet.


But your mouth devoured what I had.


So I live in the ocean


where the water isn’t always clean,


but at least it moves me where I want to go.


And there are other creatures in the sea


just like me,


not quite human and not quite mermaid.


But we are all women so I guess that’s enough.






I once had a pretty pony


with long long hair,


and she ran fast, so fast…


But you wanted a different kind of ride.






I used to think things were impossible.


But you knew better and so did I.


So just how did you get here?


It doesn’t really matter after all.


I’ll put you in this box,


the one labeled "incubus,"


and give you to the wind.


Hopefully your ashes have already been spread


about Persephone’s garden.


Maybe she can make flowers from your feces.


You’ve incubated too long.


It’s time for you to go.


This is my spring cleaning.

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