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Goodbye Jesus

Why God Require A Web Site?


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Mr Antony told that some of his friends asked ‘Why God needs a website? Why God needs money? He can do anything without the help of these things’


Swami replied: When the work is possible through the process that follows the laws of nature, supernatural power of God is not used. Only demons exhibit the supernatural powers, even if there is no necessity. They want to draw the attention and attract the people for their name and fame. Their aim is not to uplift the humanity. Such attraction creates attention in the people. But it simultaneously creates tension also. The realization and natural love (Devotion) cannot be created in excited state of tension. The devotion should be spontaneous and should be developed in the ground state only, which alone is sweet. This entire universe is created by the Lord only for tasting such real natural sweet devotion of devotees. The exhibition of miracles always creates fear and tension and a natural flexible state is not possible, in which only the sweet devotion can be tasted. The tension will block your mind and you will not dare to clear your doubts. It is not congenial for the growth and expansion of divine knowledge. Unless there is a bare necessity the Lord will not perform miracles. When the work is not possible through natural phase, then only the supernatural power lightens. Even if the miracle is performed the Lord will try to hide it so that the natural state is balanced. When Lord Krishna covered the sun with His divine wheel, He interpreted it as the cover of cloud. The intention of the Lord is not self exhibition like a demon. The same supernatural miracle performed by a demon is used for his self projection. The Lord likes to be loved by the devotees without exhibiting His supernatural wealth.


The son of a king who is good and humble likes to win the heart of a girl without exposing his identity. He does not like to exhibit his wealth to win her heart. Similarly the God likes to attract the hearts of devotees by His divine knowledge which is His eternal divine beauty. If the son of the king has no self merit, he tries to attract her by cheap exhibition of his identity and wealth. Thus a demon like Satan tries to attract the human beings by cheap exhibition of the supernatural powers and tries to convert them as his devotees. Satan tried to attract Jesus by showing his kingdom. Jesus attracted people by His divine knowledge. When it becomes inevitable to do a miracle which cannot be hidden, the Lord tries to neutralize the tension by exhibiting strong negative qualities. Lord Krishna lifted the mountain and protected the villagers from the rain. Such miracles cannot be hidden and misinterpreted. To bring them to the normal state the Lord exhibited very strong Rajas and Tamas like stealing butter and dancing with girls. In the case of Lord Rama there was no necessity of such exhibition of miracles. There was no need for Him to show the negative qualities. Thus the Lord is associated with all the three qualities to be used wherever and whenever necessary.


All the discoveries of science are only due to grace of God. The computer technology is the gift from God to humanity. Some are earning their livelihood through this technology. Livelyhood is essential and is the basis of the body, which is the instrument of all spiritual efforts. This technology is used for the spiritual service. Are you objecting the creator of this technology to use it for His own work ? You must be grateful to the Lord. You can use it for your wordly purpose but you should at least express your gratefulness by using it for His service also. Every scientific benefit is granted by God with primary purpose of using it in the spiritual line only. Majority of top scientists believe in God and accept their discoveries as the results of grace of God only. A discovery is always experienced as an accidental incident like a flash. It is not the result of the continuous hard work. During the hard work a flash strikes to the brain of the scientist. The scientist gets disgusted during his hard work and suddenly a flash in the brain results in the discovery. If the discovery is the fruit of hard work, it should naturally come at the end of the hard work without any flash. Such flash is due to the grace of the Lord. Almost all top scientists agree to this truth. Only a few egoistic scientists do not agree to this.


Science is very helpful in the analysis of this creation, which helps to realize that no item of this creation is the creator. Science does not help to understand anything about the creator. In fact even the philosophers and sages have not understood anything about the creator. The philosopher also analysed the entire creation. In this aspect there is not difference between the philosopher and scientist. The only difference between them is that the scientist does not accept the existence of unkown creator beyond the creation, whereas the philosopher accepts Him.


For a philosopher miracles are not necessary. He is very sensitive and recognizes the existence of God through the deep analysis of various incidents in his life. The scientist is not so sensitive. He needs the proof through physical miracles. Most of the scientists turn into devotees through such miracles visible to naked eyes. Such scientists have open mind and courage to accept the truth due to their wise flexibility. But a few scientists have very rigid mind and do not accept even the physical miracles attributing these to magic and illusion. Such people should not be called as scientists. Science means rational flexibility to leave the old disproved concepts and accept the new proved concepts. People who are rigid in their old fixed concepts are called as conservatives. These people mock the devotees as conservatives and the joke is that they are the original raw conservatives!


The bonds with wife, children, and money are the strongest bonds and are called as the three ‘Eshanas’ which are the steel chains. The Lord competes with these three to test your love on Him. It is not the question of requirement. It is the question of identifying your love. Your son is well settled and does not require money. But still you are giving your wealth to him only. That shows your love on him which is not related with his requirement. You are covering your absence of love on God with this pretext of non-requirement. By such cover you want the favour from God. You can deceive a human being by such intellectual coverage, but can you deceive the Lord who is omniscient? Instead of such tricks God will be please with you, if you say frankly that you do not want to give money since you do not have love on Him. Truth is always better than trick.


A lady was applying scent to the feet of Jesus. One disciple told that it is waste, since Jesus does not require it. But Jesus objected the disciple and accepted the scent which signifies her immense love on Lord Jesus. It indicates the divine love of the lady and there is no point of requirement here.


At Thy Lotus Feet


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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Any god that would engage in trickery and artifice to "test our love"...

...is not deserving of my love.


Your theology makes the universe much more complicated than it needs to be. Sloppy, wishful-thinking, anthropocentric babble loosely based on pre-existing belief systems that themselves have no basis in reality.


Please stop confusing ages-old storybooks with objective "proof" of miracles. Lord Krishna lifted the mountain only in your own mind.


Oh, and one more thing: Rather than these long rants, could you, say, post simple questions and then ask us what we think? I'll give you an example of such a question: "Dattaswami, why did you think it was a good idea to come to ex-christian.net to preach a philosophy that is not of interest to us?" 100 words or less, please, and we will be counting.

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