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Goodbye Jesus

Jesus Cannot Be God?


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Mr Antony told that some of his friend say ‘ Jesus told that He submitted His soul to God’ . Based on this very statement some say that Jesus cannot be God.


Swami replied:


You are giving value to one statement of Jesus and you are not giving value to some other statement of the same Jesus. Jesus also told that He and His father are one and the same. This statement of Jesus is also equally valid . Every human incarnation is a two-in -one system. When you say ‘God in flesh’, the word flesh means a living human being and not mere inert human body. Krishna said in Gita that He enters the human body (Manusheem Tanum….). Here the word human body means the living human being and not mere inert human body. The word human body means the composite of three human bodies and such composite is called as a living human being. Therefore this means that the Lord enters the human being. The three human bodies in the composite are;


(1) The outermost inner gross body which is alive due to the awareness that pervades all over the gross body.


(2) The inner subtle body which is the bundle of qualities or feelings which are alive because these qualities are just the vibrations of pure awareness.


(3) The innermost causal body which is the core pure awareness.


The gross body is crucified. All the statements are given by the subtle body only through the mouth of the gross body. This subtle body stated that His body was not prepared for crucification. Here the body refers to the gross body which is different from the subtle body. At the end this subtle body stated that it is submitting its soul to God. The word soul refers to the causal body. This composite of three bodies stands as the meaning of the word Jesus. This composite is the meaning of the word ‘flesh’. This composite is called as the human being or jiva. Strictly speaking the word jiva means subtle body only. The soul is called as Atman. God entered Jesus and therefore God is in flesh. God is the fourth item and is called as ‘Supersoul’. It is this supersoul or God who said ‘I and My father are one and the same, ‘I am the truth’ etc. Therefore you should not confuse between the separate statements of subtle body and super soul.

Any ordinary human beings is just a composite of these three bodies without the super soul.


Otherwise there will be glaring contradiction between such statements. The aspect of human being is to stand as a practical example for all the human beings. The aspect of God is to explain practically the divine nature of God. Any human incarnation consists of these two aspects, which is a mixture of human being (Nara) and God (Narayana). If you take any sweet, it is prepared by mixing sugar and flour. But the item is called as sweet referring to the property of sugar only which is more important. Similarly any human incarnation is divine referring to the nature of God only, which is more important. An electric wire consists of electricity and non-electric wire. But it is called as current referring to the more important electricity only. You call the lamp as light which consists of flame and other materials like iron, sand, glass and cotton- piece with oil. It is called as light referring to the more important flame, neglecting other non-luminous materials. Therefore you call Jesus as God which really means the God is in Jesus. Similarly Hanuman is the incarnation of Lord Siva. As a human being he acted as a servant of Lord Rama. As Lord Siva, He jumped over the sea and killed several demons. Similarly Lord Rama learnt the spiritual knowledge from sage Vasista. This is the aspect of His human body. But as Lord Narayana a stone was converted into lady by the touch of His divine foot. Similarly Krishna is a driver of the chariot of Arjuna from the point of human being. As Lord Narayana He preached Gita to Arjuna and gave divine vision to him. The aspect of God is to teach about the God to the human beings. The aspect of the human being is to freely mix with the human beings and stand as an example for human beings.


Even the Prophet Mohammed is the Human Incarnation of the Lord. He did not reveal His divine aspect because it was not required in those circumstances. Thus you have to realize the program of the human incarnation according to the requirement suitable to the surroundings. If Lord Krishna, was born in West instead of Jesus, people might have been more spoiled. The people there were very cruel because nowhere in the world in the history the human incarnation of the Lord was killed in such a brutal way. That shows their cruel nature in that time. For such nature only love and kindness can bring realization. If Krishna were born there, they could have very easily grasped the negative qualities light stealing etc. without understanding their significance and the significance of the human incarnation. Therefore a suitable program was adopted by the Lord. You should not critizise Jesus joining such cruel people about incapability of self protection. Similarly you should not critizise Krishna, for stealing butter which was only to cut their bond with their hard earned wealth. Similarly attracting Gopikas by dance was only to cut their bonds with their husbands. Gopikas were sages in the previous birth and prayed the Lord for Salvation from the bonds. Hindus in India believe in previous birth and therefore they can digest this back ground. If this happened in the West, Christians do not believe in previous birth and therefore will certainly misinterpret this concepts. Therefore the divine program can be understood in the context of the back ground of a particular region only.


Therefore we have to understand the statements in the light of God as well as in the light of flesh accordingly, since both aspects are required for the devotees. The human aspect shows the path and the divine aspect shows the nature of the goal. Similarly the nature of the program of the human incarnation depends on the level of the psychology of the people living in a particular region in a particular time. With the help of such parameters only you can appreciate the total behaviour of the personality of the human incarnation.



At Thy Lotus Feet


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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You have an interersting interpretation of theology, but I think you would be best served if you bring down the flowery tone of your posts a bit and try to make clearer what exactly it is you are trying to say.


Are you trying to resolve the "jesus = 100% man + 100% god" dicotomy? Or are you just trying to harmonize the conflicting verses of the bible?


I would personally intepret these verses to mean that Jesus was implying that "god" is a quality found in all of us, rather than the existence of some "super soul" as you seem to be implying. Again, I think you would get more use out of this site if you could simplify your posts somewhat...




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Hey Swami,


Here's a helpful tip:


You could probably receive much more respect and attention if you replied to a few threads and became involved in some discussions before you started several of your own threads consisting of huge wads of mystical interpretations.


The manner in which you started posted here, for me at least, only produced something like this:


*Read first line or two....*Think "What a gigantic load of shit"....*Move on to other threads....


Just trying to help if you're seriously looking for interaction.



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