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Women Of This Board: According To God You Are Unclean When You Menstruate.

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It's just more proof of how the Babble was written by humans, and invented by humans. Think about it; humans, before we knew aught of biology, would naturally think blood coming out of a woman's vagina was icky. Religion was not a place for icky things (unless you killed something on an altar, then it's ok), so anytime blood came out of a woman's vagina, it was icky and, religiously, unclean. Simple human thought process before the advent of biological knowledge.


If Biblegodzilla made women, he made them therefore to menstruate, right? So, he considers women unclean because of something not their fault but his. Another example of a man-made god - just look at the hypocrisy involved. Thankfully, we've learned to read, study, and question in the centuries since.

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I find it sad that so many women continue to worship a being who considers them near worthless...


Remember ladies, in Gawds eyes, your only purpose in existence is go squirt out babies. (sons, for that matter) Don't even bother developing a mind of your own; your mind, as well as your body belong to your husband.


It's even that people just gloss over this stuff when reading their bible...

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