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How To Argue Like A Fundy

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I have to admit that was funny as all shit. I love it. I think that is one very inciteful article -- and you know it will work. It's really the way fundies fight....


The whole shabang!


Whoever wrote that page really knew what they were talking about!


Thanks again... :Doh:

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I thought it was pretty funny

sorry if it's old, but it was the first time I saw it.


Ah, that one. Yup it's cool. Also be sure to check out the rest of the atheism/anti-fundy pages on that site. Especially that news report "Pat Robertson offends witches, turned into frog" :lmao:

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Guest Beyond Belief
To take the wind out of your opponent's sails, reply to the smallest query with pages and pages of text


Oh boy does that one hit the nail on the head! :grin:


And by the time you've read the reply you've forgoten what you were asking the Christian in the first place. :ugh:

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