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This was in a local paper - I'll translate:




Sorry, because we gave you shelter and support,

Sorry, because we gave you an education,

Sorry, because we helped you financially,

Sorry, because you had freedom of religion,

Sorry, because we sent aid to your countries,

Sorry, that we didn't seek blood revenge when you murdered our countrymen,

Sorry, that we didn't run with bombs upon us when we felt angered,

Sorry, that we didn't have the same beliefs that you did . . .


But an apology for having freedom of speech protected in our country under our laws is something you'll NEVER get.

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VERY nice!


Of course Muslim protestors aren't considering all that. Just like the spoiled, worthless moochers they are, they riot and protest and commit acts of violence without the slightest thought as to who keeps most of them alive anyway.


They sure aren't doing it themselves, those who migrate to European countries. They mooch off the dole, for the most part, and are about as useful as a broken rubber. Then they have the audacity to protest about something they don't like?


Every violent protestor, if not shot on sight, ought to be tear-gassed, rounded up, and taken back to that shitholes they came from. It's not as if they do anything worthwhile in the countries they inhabit.

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