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Goodbye Jesus

Molecular Evidence for Macroevolution


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On Saturday, May 7th, I appeared on the Hellbound Alleee program to talk about the molecular evidence for macroevolution. Being a molecular biologist myself, I thought that I could explain the evidence that Dr. Theobald compiled and is hosted on the Talk.Origins website.


The Hellbound Alleee program archive is here.


The transcript of the show is here.


The original Talk.Origins article is here.

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I downloaded that yesterday. I'm really looking forward to listening to it next time I do some work, but I've not had much of a chance to really sit down and do much of anything at the computer in the last couple days.

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Lots to read.


Thanks Zach.

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Finally got time to sit and lsiten to the mp3 of show..


Kickass amigo.. Thanks for a damn phine representation of a non-thiest view..


And found more than I can read in time allocated for such there at hellbounds..


A good thing.. :eek:





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