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A Story About Wrestling

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Mohamed Vadia: Welcome, wrestling fans! Welcome to our show. On my

right side is Chris Assaf and on my left side is Raymond Farrell. Oh,

and I am Mohamed Vadia. Welcome everyone to the Otherworldly Wrestling



Raymond Farrell: What a great night this is going to be.



Chris Assaf: I agree with you, Ray. We have an interesting list of

matches lined up here today.



(Music from Dr. Jonathan Parker, PH.D's subliminal tape is played and

the bell rings.)



MV: Okay! Let's go to our first match.



Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute

time limit. Introducing first from Auckland, New Zealand, weighing at

112 Pounds, and accompanied to the ring by Kenny, MARY GLONKA!!



CA: What a cute pooch Kenny is!



RF: ((Laughing) You want to pet him?



MV: Yeah, Right! That dog has to work.



CA: I know that. Guide dog for Mary, you know.



(Music from Bret "The Hitman" Hart plays in the background.)



RA: And her opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he weighs in at

about 115 pounds, Dallas Hart!!!!!!



CA: Dallas Hart is a very talented kid! Emerged victorious over kids

his own age!



MV: And adults too, man!



RF: Can you imagine him being the champion?



MV: A thirteen-year-old kid as the champion?



(The bell rings)



CA: Okay, guys! The match has begun. As we all know, Mary is blind! But

she once told, she can do all things through Christ who strengthens




MV: Yeah? Well......



RF: Okay, Mary and Dallas lock-up. Holding on! Mary being backed into a




MV: But, she is showing some resistance. Finally, she is able to push

Dallas back, but she falls on her face in the process.



CA: Which could be dangerous for Mary. And I am about right as Dallas

returns with a stomp to the back of Mary's head.



MV: (Shaking his head) She is going to need her God for this one!



RF: Ouch! Chops to her back. That is something you don't see everyday!



MV: Yeah! They are usually at the front.



CA: I don't think it would be a good idea to set her up for an Irish




RF: No. Dallas is pulling her to the middle of the ring. And NAILS HER




CA: Mary is dazed right now.



MV: What? Don't use words I can't understand, guy!



CA: (A bit annoyed) It means, she is dizzy!



RF: It could be time for the sharpshooter.



CA: You said it. Dallas is going for it right now. Mary at this point

is trying to resist using her hands!



MV: Dallas is going to win! I am telling you right now!



RF: You could be right, Mohamed. Because he has got her turned over and

is now sitting on her lower back and tugging at her legs.



CA: It's over!



MV: I know! She taps out and IT IS OVER!!!!



(The bell rings and Bret "The Hitman" Hart's music plays)



RA: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, DALLAS HART!



CA: That sharpshooter can get you everytime.



RF: I would like to see a kid break the sharpshooter.



MV: That was one of our very interesting matches that we have lined up.

Stay tuned! We will be right back!



(The screen fades to black)

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