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Click here for a breath-taking view of Spiral Galaxy 101: Messier 101 (M101).


The giant spiral disk of stars, dust, and gas is 170,000 light-years across or nearly twice the diameter of our galaxy, the Milky Way. M101 is estimated to contain at least one trillion stars. Approximately 100 billion of these stars could be like our Sun in terms of temperature and lifetime.


That's just one tiny galaxy out of billions upon billions.


Hubble Deep Field


Distant Supernova and More Galaxies


Field of Galaxies


Christianity wants us to believe that bible-god made the entire universe in six days, that he made Earth, and then made Man. They make believe that biblegod has a special focus on a microscopic dot, of a microscopic dot, etc, of a planet that is lost in the mind boggling immensity of all of space and the universe. They want to believe we are at the center of it all. It's like they are literally covering their eyes and going, "THE BIBLE IS RIGHT THE BIBLE IS RIGHT LALALALALALALALALALA THE BIBLE IS RIGHT THE BIBLE IS RIGHT"


How arrogant. How juvenile. How pathetic…

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Those pics are just breathtaking - and eye-opening.


Indeed, it is the height of arrogance and stupidity for Xians to insist on assuming that their god made all that and yet only focuses on one itty bitty little planet out of it all. That, and that this world is the only one with any life on it.


It reminds me of my fundy days. I was listening to a radio preacher spieling away. He touched on the topic of aliens, and if they actually did land on earth, he'd say to them "so, what has Jesus done for your people?"


What a dope. He'd probably piss himself and have a heart attack that something else not mentioned the Babble has shown itself. While he runs and hides and prays in a terror, of course.

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Wow, just wow. The Universe's probably the real god instead of Biblegod!

Praise The Universe!

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Yu iz worshiping the creechur rathur than the Creater!


"Who changed the truth of the Magic Sky Man into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is forever prazed! Amen! Glory!" (Romans 1:25)


REPINT, Brothur, befour its two lat!

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