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Goodbye Jesus

I Denounce Fundy Xtianity


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I love being not an Xtian!

The most fucked up and hilarious part of Xtianity is that, when you're an atheist or pagan, you would sit back and laugh, the advantage of being non Xtian is that I just sit in during Sunday and the pastors ransack the sheeps of money and time while I stay at home doing worthwhile things. Like reading some ripping books.

It is sad that the patrons of churches often ends up poor while in the will of God. That's just tragic and ironical. I attend churches only when I'm in a Blasphemous mood...

While the preacher is richer than most Xtian in his church...

And the pope waxes in a bath while the Catholics starves in crumbling houses and struggles to get even a leave of bread.

See, that's why I'm not the part of it....

It's a helluva of a fucked people in the naves and the pews and the altars that just ruin it for me.

What is a value of the individual compared to the God of the Book? Can't you see the injustice of it all?

They excuse it by saying it is in God's Will. It's all in the will of God and his pastors and priest and their desires (illicit)

And the Bible says it is better to obey God than fall into Hell with entire hands and legs. In other words, it is better to believe in God and being poor than not believing God and being rich.

So they can be in Heaven enjoying red wine, cheese with martyred saints which doesn't ever exist while the good people burn in HELL!

When God masturbes over the flames burning over the infidel's bums and penises!

What sort of God does that to his Children? He'd be jailed for a LONG time if he's not a god!

He's Frackin' false!

The only armageddon is by Man and Nature not God. He can't walk, touch, speak, see and hear!

The man made armageddon are caused by religious people with their jeeps and their pollutin' ways!

So God is a man made idol which were invented by Bronze Age men to deflect the hard realites of their life.

Bye, Fundy Xtianity. You willl be remembered for fucking up my life and the world!

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Good point about the rich theistic overseers, and poor sheeple. It's a con, to get your money. God is there as a distraction, to get the institutions (which is what it's mostly about) off the hook.

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Good point about the rich theistic overseers, and poor sheeple. It's a con, to get your money. God is there as a distraction, to get the institutions (which is what it's mostly about) off the hook.



I think I mentioned something relating to the overall nature of this post way back - but it appears as if either you weren't listening, or you think I was not providing accurate information, so I suppose I will say it to you again (I understand you are physically located over the ocean blue, and may not understand much about your average Joe Fundie living say, in rural United States).


I suppose you could say that I am such an average rural living, Joe Fundie, so maybe you will be kind enough to read again my "inside opinion". Let's just take the Southern Baptist Convention (as a "for instance", since I am more familiar with that branch of fundiedom as compared with some of the more hardcore types) though I have attended some of the more fundamental churches as well - and most of what I say about Southern Baptists is probably very close to fitting others also).


Out of this article Part-time Salary, Full-time Harvest you can read the following:


...In fact, only 60-65 percent of churches have what bivocational ministers prefer to call "fully funded" pastors.


Out of this article: Southern Baptist ministers' salaries outpace inflation you can read the following:


Among full-time church staff ministers, the combined salary and housing allowance averages $44,730 nationally and the total pay package is $54,184.


Among bivocational church staff ministers, the combined salary and housing allowance averages $10,725 and the total pay package is $11,576.


Now - from U.S. Census Bureau News you can read the following:



Real median household income remained unchanged between 2002 and 2003 in three of the four census regions — Northeast ($46,742), Midwest ($44,732) and West ($46,820). The exception was the South, where income declined 1.5 percent. The South continued to have the lowest median household income of all four regions ($39,823). The difference between median household incomes in the Northeast and West was not statistically significant.

(Remember the Census information is three years old now - so for comparison purposes, you should probably bump these numbers up by something like a 4.3% inflation jump )


My point is this:


Most fundamental pastor's families (who I am aware of anyway), do not receive any more income (on average) than the average family in the church congregation. Also, I think it is interesting to note that it is very difficult for the overworked wife of your typical "fundie pastor", to be able to hold down a very intense job outside her home, while also keeping the folks in the church happy with her participation in the many (around-the-clock) scheduled church activities, so many pastor's families are likely to live on a single income - (which is OK - I am just stating a fact) while many (if not most) of the other families in the church are operating on dual incomes.


A pastor's life consists of many, many hours in hospital rooms and beside caskets - while the time he spends speaking in public (and preparing for such) is a very small part of his job - the average pastor's "dealing with people skills" are usually good enough (at least for those who stay in the ministry for much time) so that they could probably earn twice as much (as the church pays them), if they were selling something more people wanted to "buy" (such as life insurance, etc).


My main point is simply that the idea of the stereotype TV evangelist with the air-conditioned pampered dog house, is a very long way from the Median local U.S. pastor's lifestyle.


I know many pastors, and if you think there is an ounce of honesty in me at all - perhaps you should listen when I tell you the ones this rural fundamental Bible thumper knows are NOT trying to con anyone - if that was their goal, they could do a lot better selling life insurance (or shiny cars) - and I can guarantee you they know it (since many have turned down offers from insurance companies for way more than they are paid by their congregation).



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For what it's worth, I personally don't think the average pastors are purposely trying to con anyone of their money. If they were trying to con people, they would have to know that what they were doing was wrong. I think that they are just as brainwashed as all the other fundies and they think that what they are doing is The Right Thing . It's a misguided sense of "rightness", IMHO. But (except for the rich TV evangelists), I'd say that most pastors honestly think they're trying to help people.


IMHO, there are better ways to help people than brainwashing them. Go volunteer at a homeless shelter, or volunteer for Meals on Wheels, or something else productive like that.

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