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Welcome, few thoughts and A single Rule:

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Dear Reader:

Thank You for stepping into our little Community choosing to participate with commentary or just lurking.

Here in Introductions we have opened up this spot for those inclined to post about their persona and lives, possibly reasons for registering opening up about things very personal to them.

Loren's Dictum simply states in part that "Nothing published in our Testimonies Section is allowed to be removed from Ex-Christian.net to be published elsewhere without direct permission from its author."

KevinL extends that into the same idea here. "Person posts, their ideas, thoughts, words, are theirs and not open to removal, reprint, republication in any other place, spot, website, blog, or technology allowing viewing disallowed by owner."

I cannot cover every incident of people taking materials from our site, however anything or -body noticing such theft, if so inclined, report same to any Staff member to be taken care of as expediently as possible.


Thanks again to all those who make ExC a great place to be.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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