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Why deconversion is hard on a lot of folks

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As I dabbled in evolution in the past 6 years, I really realized how survival of the luckiest and fittest were so importent. I had  my grandchildren at the campgrounds this week and my very active boy did a cartwheel on the floating dock which is on a deep, dark pond. I had a complete fit and took him to the side and tried to explain 'survival' to him. I don't  want him to be afraid of things but I needed to tell him that during his life, he needs to think about how safe things are before he decides to do cartwheels into a deep, black pond. I was born and bought up to believe  that God protects little children, (even in the United Church we were taught that)  so when I decided to swim straight across  a big Lake here in our city at the age of 12, I never dreamt in a million years that I could have drown because I always thought that God would protect. I didn't mention god to him but made it clear that people can bring on their own death by being stupid. So I want him to live a full life but I want him to become a 'warrior ' and play the survival game real good. The thing is to be as good a survivor as you can while still enjoying life. That's what I'm  aiming to do now. So sick of those chains of fear that we wear around our necks!!!!

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I think other people, and mostly family members, make seeing difficult and cause suffering.  If I had no family ties whatsoever it would be easier. Friends are comparatively easy to discard if they should get in the way. Parents have invested so much in their children.  Even when grown up and middle aged, they still feel entitled to try to control the way their children think.  They are unable to accept that they are different and independent humans who have the right to their own views.

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