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Living By Faith----but now?


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Have any of you Lived By Faith and it ruined you?  I was born disabled. My familiy conditioned me to live by faith and not logic, so now, here I am  , with nothing, alone, bereft of helpers, and a life exactly as you would expect if someone only "LIVED BY FAITH" and did not even know how to prepare.


I took many chances. I tried school. I tried working. I even married a man they had prepared for me who was a criminal because he was "God's Gift " to me. But it all failed because I was born with a bad disability. 


My family has no resources to help me, I have no help, all services are slashed. They, on the other hand, STILL tell me to trust God! It's insanity to even talk to them. If" I ever ask them how they think I would age without any help or resources, they just get angry. "If you aren't going to trust God, I can't help you!" kind of thing. 


They don't get it. I will die in a most hideous way as people do who have no help and no services for needs they cannot meet. 

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That's some major suckage. We're here for you, of course, but talking to someone in real time might be better. I posted some phone numbers in your thread about your concussion.

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Wow, that's awful. I also lived by faith and it led me down the wrong path, but your situation is clearly worse than mine ever was. I can't imagine being in such a predicament. I wish you the best.

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Look at the flowers. Really, look.

Some have full, vibrant, symmetrical petals with neatly proportioned, geometric leaves.

Many others have asymmetrical petals; missing petals; little flaws in color or shape. Some grow twisted leaves that aren’t nearly spaced.

Some have malformed stems that cause them not to grow like the others. Some we call “weeds”, but they’re bright, resilient, and important. 

A few of them are simply planted in places that aren’t ideal for them to grow. 


They are all uniquely beautiful. 

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