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The Non-Prophets 17.19 2018-10-17 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, & Kevin Stein


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On Today's Show: Ralph Drollinger, Capitol Ministries, pastor heading up the White House bible study groupSeparation of church and state[The Guardian] Movie "The Chosen One" - Trump chosen by god (NOT!)[Daily Beast] Catholic church oversaw school for deaf/mute children. Groomed them for sex acts. Why are there still Catholics?!!Episcopal Church, similar story in another article[Mail] German Catholic priest loses position for comments about homosexuals. Turns out it was because he said sympathetic things, not condemning  them.Sabarimala (Hindu) temple now open to women of all ages ("of menstruating age"). Protestors (esp. men) blocking women from entering the temple.[Denis has a question] What was god's plan if Adam and Eve had not eaten the forbidden fruit? Genesis 1:28Geometric population growth anyone?Catholic church acknowledging #MeToo movement, apologizes for abusesWisconsin chaplain program for police officersPalate cleanser: Wiccans on the rise![SHIT INTERNET APOLOGISTS SAY!] Christian pastor defends Kavanaugh: "According to the bible, 'no scream, no rape'" Deuteronomy 22:23-24Matthew 18:16

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